Aquamarine Cruise Komodo

Looking for the best private boat charter within Komodo Island ? Aquamarine Cruise Komodo have all types of boats available to meet your needs. For outdoor activities you can choose one of our premium motor yachts. For a leisurely and relaxed sailing trip you can rent unique wooden yacht Phinisi. Aquamarine company organizes private cruises on luxury yachts. Our company has been on the market for more than 5 years and has an extensive experience both in Asia and in Europe. You can trust us for sure. We know exactly how to make your holiday memorable, exciting, bright and most importantly comfortable and safe.

On the board of our yachts you can spend an unforgettable weekend exploring the amazing Komodo National Park. Visit the most beautiful Islands in the world, having made your unique route. Due to your request our captain will guide you to the best places for snorkeling, fishing and make stops at the most beautiful beaches.


Rinca Island