Bidadari Island Komodo

Trips to Komodo Island will discover beautiful small island spread out in the Komodo National park including Bidadari Island. Bidadari Island is one of the small islands with beautiful white sandy beach and underwater life which is ideally for snorkeling. The trips will cross the sea in the island gap with spectacular panorama of the rock island and sunrise. It is a great trip to enjoy both sightseeing and sailing adventure which gives you unforgettable experiences.

Bidadari Island is a small beautiful island located in the Komodo National Park, east part of Indonesia Archipelagos. It is situated in north east of Labuan Bajo. This island is featured by the white sandy beach, beautiful coral and underwater life which is ideally for snorkeling point. The beach is very clean with calm seawater and makes it the famous tourist destination in Komodo National Park. In this site, you can find out the best selection photos of Bidadari Island which you can enlarge it to view more details.

Bidadari Island, which means ‘angel island’ in Indonesian, is a small. This island is a water lover’s paradise. Its excellent white-sand beaches seem to have come from paradise, and its crystal clear and calm waters make it an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and especially learning how to dive. Bidadari Island, reachable by way of a short 15–20 minute boat trip, is a tiny island. Its 14–15 hectares are covered with hills and trees, and it is almost completely surrounded by beautiful beaches.


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