Overview Sebayur Island

The underwater world of eastern Indonesia is known as still unpolluted. That is why the underwater flora and fauna can live in the natural habitat. Flores is a region of eastern Indonesia that is more easily accessible because it is adjacent to the central part of Indonesia. As the beauty of the underwater richness is more well-known, more and more tourists come to explore Komodo National Park.

In addition to see the dragons, tourists also come to the Komodo National Park to enjoy the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna around Flores sea. Some small islands around Labuan Bajo have been opened to the public as resorts with about no more than 20 rooms in each island. This is so to keep them exclussive and the privacy of each visitor. Some of the resorts are specialised for divers who usually need a stopover in exploring the underwater around the Komodo National Park. One of them is Sebayur island. There has been a Dive Club in this island which is already licensed PADI, that is Komodo Resort Dive Clubs built by an Italian. It takes only 30 minutes away from Rinca Island and 1½ hours from Labuan Bajo.

Sebayur island offers maximum services and complete facilities for the divers . Target visitors who come and stay here are those taking dive packages at Sebayur Dive Clubs. The panorama around the island is not as beautiful as the panorama on the other islands because it is quite barren, Sebayur island is still favored by divers because it is not far from several favorite diving spots like Batu Bolong, Crystal Rock,etc. It takes only a few minutes from Sebayur island, so there will be more time for diving. (Written by: Komodo.tours team)


Rinca Island