Paradise Kanawa Island


Kanawa is one of the others amazing island in Komodo National Park and a lovely little island at the edge of world famous Komodo National Park. It's probably the best way to enjoy the National park, since it is located just few minutes away by boat, offering tours, diving, food and accommodation on pristine white sand beaches.

The island is fully surrounded by an untouched coral reef where turtles, sharks, mantas and thousands of other sea creatures live.

The area of the island is about 30 hectares, with two main beaches, one on purpose kept at natural status. In the centre of the island, a beautiful hill provides spectacular views all over the national park.

On the island there is the typical vegetation of the Komodo National Park, very green in rainy season and quite dry in summer. Palm trees have been planted together with some bananas, papaya and other fruit trees. There are tame goats, deer, cats and dogs. The water is rich with coral and fish. The diving and snorkeling on the reef is considered among the best in the world.


Rinca Island